Originally from Japan, Hiromi Nakai completed her professional education at the Wackers Academie in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  She studied under the tutelage of various renowned Dutch artists, such as Sam Drukker and Frank Leenhouts. Currently she lives in Saône-et-Loire, Burgundy.

Very special still lifes

From the beginning, Hiromi Nakai has been painting almost exclusively still lifes. She tries to create images that do more than describe reality. By marking her own style, she succeeds in giving her subject a very special breath of life.

Galerie Nakai

Since 2016 Hiromi has her own art gallery in the Burgundian town of Tournus. Here, she shows work from a carefully selected group of artists from different parts of Europe. Mainly figurative painters with excellent technique and each their own particular expressive vision, like Marc Dailly and François Dupuis from France, Pere Mon Taillant from Barcelona, Bairbre Duggan and Frank Leenhouts from Ireland and Amsterdam. Besides paintings, the Gallery Nakai also shows beautiful ceramics and glass works. 

Galerie Nakai, Tournus, from 2016
Galerie Lionne de Kaolin, Oingt mai 2011
Galerie Mary-Anne, Mâcon aout 2010
ZING’A’T, Mâcon, octobre 2009
L’ Hivernal de Lyon, Lyon, janvier 2009
Allianz Suisse, Berne, Suisse en 2007
Allianz Suisse, Berne, Suisse en 2005
Allianz Suisse, Berne, Suisse en 2004